Say it with me: It is your divine right to feel good in your body--to let yourself indulge in your senses and be captivated by your ability to create body bliss. 


We live in a world where we are constantly go, go, going and not taking enough time to feed ourselves. We push our desires and indulgences because we think it is “selfish”. We continually take care of others without thinking twice about what our bodies need. You cannot give from an empty cup. That is where my workshop on "Pleasure is Your Birthright" comes in.


This workshop is nourishment for your body and soul. Through various exercises, you will be guided into finding more pleasure with yourself. It is my belief that to be turned on to the abundance of life, you must be connected into what your body needs in order to feel pleasure and bliss. 


Whether you are with a partner or not, this workshop is to help you cultivate a pleasure filled body. Because, pleasure is your birthright!

In this workshop, you will learn:


*how to have a deeper connection with your body

*how to indulge your senses for maximal pleasure

*how to create a self-care practice that is bliss filled for you

*how to open up to more connection with others just by understanding your desires

Exercise #1: Breathing and Feeling—this exercise allows you to nourish yourself through a breathing exercise. Through this exercise, you will start to feel into what you are feeling in your body, allowing whatever comes up for your body to just ripple and be.


Exercise #2: Touch My Body—this exercise focuses on touching yourself from head to toe with the lightness of your fingertips. Tuning into how each body part reacts to your touch. 


Exercise #3: Indulging Your Senses—this exercise will allow you to play with all 5 of your senses in a way that tailors your sensual experience just for you!


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